Complete Soclean 2 Reviews – Should You Buy One?

The reason came up with Soclean 2 reviews because keeping your CPAP equipment disinfected is exceptionally important. Just like the other appliances we use, it collects germs and bacteria regardless of what we do. We only can sanitize the CPAP unit to prevent some serious health complications. That’s why taking care of it is so crucial. On this SoClean reviews article, we will have an in-depth discussion on both of models: SoClean 2 and SoClean 2 Go. So that you can decide whether a ‘CPAP machine cleaner and sanitizer’ is worth buying or no.

You can clean your CPAP with a variety of methods, including medical CPAP cleaning wipes and machines using water with disinfectant. But today, we are going to examine a little bit different machines in the scope of our reviews. In addition, we will provide you with some info on their benefits and a couple of tips for finding the right CPAP cleaning machine. Let’s get started-


SoClean 2 Reviews

Both SoClean 2 and 2 Go Model Comparison

SoClean 2 ReviewIdeal for at-home Use SoClean 2 GO ReviewIdeal for Travel
Check Valve Assembly Replace Every Six Months Replace Every Six Months
Filter Replace Every Six Months Replace Every Six Months
Outer Dimensions 7.5″L x 6.5″W x 8.5″H 4.3″L x 3.9″W x 4.9″H
Footprint Dimensions 7.5″L x 6.5″W 4.3″L x 3.9″W
Chamber Dimensions 5.6″L x 5.4″W x 5″D N/A (Bag)
Chamber Volume 178.3 in³ N/A
Bag Dimensions N/A 10.7″L x 10.5″W
Bag Volume N/A 250 in³
Weight 5.6 lbs 1.3 lbs
Cord Length 4′ 8″ cordless
Electrical 12 VDC 12 VDC
Power Supply 110-240 VAC Battery Operated
Power Consumption 5 watts 5 watts
Warranty 1 year 1 year


Detail SoClean 2 Review

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Bundle with ResMed S9Adapter


SoClean 2 CPAP



Let’s begin with the regular version of SoClean 2 sanitizer. Both of the versions have generally the same functionality with some small differences in size.

SoClean 2 is compatible with the most of CPAP, Bi-PAP, VPAP, or BPAP equipment. The inside chamber measuring 5.5” (L) x 5.5” (W) x 7.25” (H) will be capable of fitting multiple mask types. Most full face masks will fit inside the chamber but in the case of smaller models only.

SoClean 2 Reviews

With the activated oxygen used in the secure and proven disinfecting and sanitizing processes like water purification, produce handling, and hospital sanitizing, SoClean 2 will make sure you get a disinfected and safe mask.

You can sanitize any of the CPAP equipment that fits into SoClean 2, including the water reservoir. No disassembly is required for disinfecting! Just do the first-time setup, place the mask on the device, and it will do the rest for you!

This bundle comes with the SoClean 2 itself plus an adapter for the ResMed S9. Finally, it comes back up with a 1-year limited warranty.





  • Compatible with the most of the masks you will be sanitized, including the majority of full face masks.
  • Safe and effective disinfection thanks to the activated oxygen.
  • No disassembly of your CPAP is required.
  • Comes with an adapter for the ResMed 59.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • Noisy
  • Attaches a peculiar smell to the disinfected equipment, which quickly goes away.



Detail SoClean 2 Go Review

Portable CPAP Equipment Cleaner for Travelling

SoClean 2 Go Travel



SoClean 2 Go is SoClean 2’s travel analog. This model operates the same way and offers the same efficiency of sanitizing, but it is a little bit different.

Firstly, SoClean 2 Go operates on batteries, to be more precise, eight AA batteries. You can use rechargeable AA batteries as well if you wish. SoClean 2 Go should work for around two weeks using a regular battery set.

Instead of a chamber inside the device, your CPAP equipment will get sanitized in a sanitizing bag with dimensions of 10.7” (L) x 10.5” (W). This cleaner is smaller, but it should fit any mask except for full face masks which cover the entire face.

SoClean 2 Go Review

Otherwise, SoClean 2 Go is pretty much identical to the regular model. It uses activated oxygen to disinfect your CPAP equipment. You don’t need to disassemble your unit to be able to sanitize it. Most importantly, SoClean 2 Go efficiently eliminates 99.9% of the CPAP germs, bacteria, and other pathogens on the mask, hose, and water reservoir.

SoClean 2 Go doesn’t come with any equipment adapters, so you would need to buy one if you need it. Speaking of adapters, this model doesn’t include an AC one as well.

Finally, SoClean 2 Go is backed up by 1-year limited warranty.



  • Compact and portable.
  • Operates on 8 AA batteries for around two weeks.
  • Fits any mask except for full face units.
  • No disassembly of the CPAP is required.
  • Eliminates 99.9% of pathogens with activated oxygen.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • Smaller
  • Not shipped internationally.
  • No indication on low batteries.
  • No AC adapter is included.
  • Attaches smell to your equipment as well.


Is the SoClean Sanitizer Worth Buying?


We think that it definitely is! It offers efficient disinfection, which eliminates 99.9% of the germs, bacteria, and harmful pathogens on the mask! Keeping your CPAP equipment constantly clean is exceptionally important, and SoClean’s sanitizers do their job spot on!

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Bundle with Free Adapter for ResMed S9

But that is not the only good thing about this machine! It is automated, doesn’t require disassembly of your CPAP, uses no waters and chemicals. In addition, the SoClean 2 Go allows you to disinfect your mask, hose, and reservoir on the go wherever you are!

We really recommend you to think about getting one of these machines if you want to have extremely effective and convenient device to help you with your cleaning procedures with!



How Does Soclean 2 Work

SoClean sanitizes your CPAP equipment by generating and pumping activated oxygen through your mask, hose, and reservoir. Activated oxygen, also known as ozone or O3, is formed when a third atom of oxygen (O) is added to the molecular oxygen.  Activated oxygen is known as one of the most effective means of natural disinfection.

Activated oxygen is widely used in water filtration, fruit and vegetable handling, and hospital disinfection. It has an ability to destroy organisms like bacteria and viruses through oxidation. Despite its power, activated oxygen has a short life cycle. It reverts to O2 in about 2 hours after being generated.

Some may get confused over ozone. There are pure ozone and ozone mixed with toxic gases. The former is found in the upper atmosphere of Earth and in the fresh healthy air especially near the sea. The second type of ozone, the “bad” one, unlike pure ozone, doesn’t have any beneficial characteristics. Obviously, the SoClean sanitizers use pure ozone to treat your CPAP equipment with!


SoClean Filter Replacement

During the operation of your SoClean sanitizer, you will need to take special care of the valve assembly and the filter cartridge. The valve assembly prevents water from backing up into the machine while the filter converts the activated oxygen back to normal oxygen.

Both of the components come installed and you actually will have to replace them approximately every 6 months, dependent on the use. If you don’t replace them, your SoClean cleaner will not operate properly.

SoClean 2 Go Travel 1

Both cleaners notify when it is time to replace the components. Another way to check on their condition is examining the clear tube of the valve assembly. If you can see water in it, you need to replace the components immediately.

You can purchase the valve assembly and the cartridge filter on SoClean’s website. They come in a single kit costing around $30-40. Not so much in the scope of 6 months actually.


Benefits of Using a CPAP Sanitizing Machine

You can find CPAP cleaning machines using either ozone or water with disinfectant. They both are pretty efficient, but ozone sanitizers do the job much better! Because we have reviewed cleaners using activated oxygen, we will now present you with benefits of such machines in general.

  • No germs, bacteria, and harmful pathogens:

Germs are everywhere, and sometimes, there is even more at your home than outside. Things like computer keyboards and other items we touch on a daily basis have been known to have more bacteria than an average toilet seat. Some appliances can be up to 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat! And with your CPAP equipment, it will be probably the same if you don’t sanitize it regularly. Daily disinfection of your CPAP will help you prevent the dangers you would face otherwise.

  • No need to take apart your CPAP equipment:

Modern CPAP cleaning machines typically use activated oxygen to sanitize your mask, hose, and reservoir, which does not require disassembly. That will save additional 10 minutes every day, which is a great addition to the convenience of the process! For comparison, some models using water with disinfectant may require you to take your equipment apart.

  • The cleaning process is completely automated

No need to participate in the generation of activated oxygen! The machine will do everything on its own. After it is done, the filter will make sure the ozone gets converted to regular breathable oxygen. Just set up the machine, put your CPAP equipment in, and push the button to start!

  • No water or chemicals used:

 CPAP sanitizers do not use water or chemicals for disinfecting your equipment. You get completely dry and sanitized CPAP after the machine has done its job! As for the water-disinfectant cleaners, they obviously do use water and chemicals, which may be really unsuitable for you.


How Do You Find the Best CPAP Cleaning Machine?

We have presented you with two great models, but what should you do if they don’t fit you? That’s right, you will need to look for something else! But how do you know which set of features of a machine would be the best for you? To answer that question, let’s examine the general things you would have to look for when buying a CPAP cleaning machine.


The first feature is the cleaning method. Some models use activated oxygen (ozone) while others may use disinfectant and water. Activated oxygen is much more efficient because, as you already know, it is capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria, and pathogens. A downside of it is that ozone has a peculiar smell.

Cleaning machines using disinfectant paired with water are not as efficient, but they will do their job really well nonetheless. If you don’t want to deal with ozone, just buy such a model.


The next important feature of a CPAP cleaning machine is its capacity. You would want to get a model that fits your CPAP equipment. Make sure you measure your mask and hose before purchasing a sanitizer.

The shape and the size of the cleaner are crucial as well. You’d want a model to take up less space, wouldn’t you? That means that you need to look for the smallest cleaner that can actually satisfy you completely.

SoClean 2 Go Review


Another thing to account for is the lifespan of the cleaner. Having an unreliable CPAP cleaner will be a serious waste of money in the long run. Besides, would you trust a CPAP cleaner that is not durable? Unfortunately, there is no way to objectively calculate how much your cleaner will live. But you can read some user reviews to get an idea of the durability of this or that model.


Lastly, if you need portability, you can look for a travel cleaner like the SoClean 2 Go we reviewed a little bit earlier. You should be able to find an alternative if you for some reason don’t like SoClean’s portable sanitizer.

We should mention an alternative to using a CPAP cleaning machine, which is CPAP cleaning wipes. They are the most convenient in terms of size and transportability, but you will have to take your equipment apart to disinfect it. In addition, the efficiency of cleaning with wipes will depend on the user, which is not the case with cleaning machines.

Our little advice – know what you need precisely, and you will be able to make the right choice! Have compact CPAP equipment? Then a smaller sanitizer should do! Otherwise, look for a bigger one. And this rule is applicable to all features of the cleaner! Just know your requirements and keep looking!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the reason for the strong odor after running SoClean?

This is typically true for the first couple of uses. It may happen due to the product of oxidation of the old materials you used to clean your CPAP equipment. The odor can also occur with new pieces of CPAP equipment. It should decrease with time. In addition, you can increase the cleaning time to 11 minutes for a few weeks and then decrease the time to 7 minutes. You can also run the CPAP for 10 minutes before sanitizing. These steps will help will dealing with the odor.

2. Can I sanitize anything other than CPAP equipment in SoClean sanitizer?

You shouldn’t place anything in the chamber except for your CPAP equipment.

3. Do I have to worry about the sanitizers’ ozone?

The SoClean cleaners are designed to keep activated oxygen enclosed within the secure chamber and your CPAP unit. After the disinfection is done, the filter converts ozone back to regular oxygen. As long as you replace the filter and the valve, ozone will not escape the chamber.

Final Seed


After reading this SoClean 2 reviews article, we hope you know why keeping your CPAP equipment sanitized is so important! We have presented and reviewed SoClean’s 2 most reliable and effective CPAP cleaners, which can really help you with performing that cleaning and sanitizing task. If you are thinking about better ways of cleaning your CPAP equipment, maybe you should give a try with one of these SoClean’s models. They work automatically, do not require CPAP disassembly, and do their job 99.9%!

If that’s what you have been looking for, do not hesitate and go get one of these for your precious CPAP machine!


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